More Screen Printing Designs

More designs I was experimenting with stencil, screen and paint on fabric.
The lady with bird, I call her is quite small and tricky for me to cut our with the scalpel.
More simple designs with a new brand I invented for fun.
An owl for a stuffed toy.

Simple geometric T shirts.

And this one, a friend suggested her boys would like,
so this is a test run.

The Sound of Music

This week we had a big day out in Brisbane (starting at 5.30)
with lovely friends,
at the Theatre,
to see,
The Sound of Music
on stage.
We really enjoyed the performances, the singing (especially the nuns) and the orchestra.
A great experience, a long day, but well worth it.
Next ,Mary Poppins on stage in a couple of weeks.

Screen Printing with Friends

Last week we had a morning session of screen printing with friends.
We all cut out our stencils (with help) and printed some fantastic designs on T shirts.

 I love this one above, drawn by a very talented girl for her younger brother.

It is not the easiest thing to do, but once we got our heads around the cutting out,
all worked out in the end.
Great to have friends keen to do this with us.

Harrison is 9

H had some friends over for pancakes, games, egg hunt and cupcakes on the weekend.
To celebrate his upcoming 9th birthday.
Lovely friends.
Lovely morning.
Happiest of birthdays to you H!

Friday Sand Sculpting

The group sand sculpting gathering has been fun on Friday afternoons.
What a relaxing way to spend the end of the week.
(this was Jabba the Hut...?)

Educating - This Term

This Term Jarrod started Year 8.
Harrison started a new year 5 DE curriculum.
They both attended Robotics classes, Physics class, writing/book club 
and Piano and guitar lessons.
Through the DE school we attended an activity day where we
participated in drama, art and Sports activities.

Writing stories has been of big interest this term and
both the boys are entering their work in competitions.
lots of fun (and cash prizes!).
Next term we are planning on attending two musicals, 
writing our own screenplay in bookclub,
resuming gymnastics and hosting a 
Science Fair!
Bring it on. 

Sandcastle Sculpting

Dad had all the tools.
Jarrod made the M.Falcon.
It was funny how many men stopped to look,
as if they wanted an invite to play!
Next Friday we have another sculpting date with friends at the beach...

Physics Class

We have enjoyed our first lot of Physics classes with Mr Dash.
Not only have we understood velocity, vectors and formulas, but I now know 
how to use Excel on the Macs and graph our results from experiments.
Can't wait for what is next.

Boys on the Green

Just hanging.

A New Craft

A friend was kind enough to show H a new craft and leave him some
to practice with.

Lego on the Walls

No room for Lego minifigures?
Pop them on the wall.
Plywood, router, glue gun.
The Ewoks have taken over the desk.

Gold Coast

A quick trip to The Gold Coast.

QLD Art Gallery APT Kids

Last weekend we went to Brisbane to meet relatives and visit GOMA and the Museum.
Unfortunately this year the art activities were aimed at younger children,
nevertheless we did get involved and enjoyed the day.

Comics, Manga and Sketching Art Class

Last week we participated in a special art tutorial.
The artist was Matt Godden,
 (sourced by the council) and even though Manga
style art is not to our liking, he was a great speaker 
and had plenty of tips and information to share.
We were given supplies and asked to do some activities,
one of which was to design a comic where you are in a library
and one of the characters comes out of a book.

We also got a tip on hand drawing and now we will keep up with the life drawing skills,
 and so 
we continued to do some quick 2 minute observational sketching
at home...
by J.
By H
By H (took a bit longer than 2 minutes because he couldn't resist shading)
By J