QLD Art Gallery APT Kids

Last weekend we went to Brisbane to meet relatives and visit GOMA and the Museum.
Unfortunately this year the art activities were aimed at younger children,
nevertheless we did get involved and enjoyed the day.

Comics, Manga and Sketching Art Class

Last week we participated in a special art tutorial.
The artist was Matt Godden,
 (sourced by the council) and even though Manga
style art is not to our liking, he was a great speaker 
and had plenty of tips and information to share.
We were given supplies and asked to do some activities,
one of which was to design a comic where you are in a library
and one of the characters comes out of a book.

We also got a tip on hand drawing and now we will keep up with the life drawing skills,
 and so 
we continued to do some quick 2 minute observational sketching
at home...
by J.
By H
By H (took a bit longer than 2 minutes because he couldn't resist shading)
By J

Christmas 2015

A lovely Christmas Indeed!

Nativity Scene DIY

A little felt, string, sticks, metal star, toy animals, hot glue gun...
Glue the sticks together into a barn shape (smaller is better).
Crochet some twine or string in the round for the base.
Needle felt a manager and baby.
Attach a metal star.
Arrange animals.

Christmas Party Decorating

On the weekend we had our Christmas party and concert with friends.
Sharing food and playing games and listening to each other perform
Christmas inspired pieces on the piano and guitar.
We are blessed to have such wonderful friends.

Year Seven EOY School Medals

This year J was awarded three medals from the DE School.
Year seven excellence in Maths, English and Humanities.
His first ever medals and he was very happy to be rewarded for his efforts.

Christmas Fruit Cake

The fruit has been soaking in the brandy and now it is time to make the cakes.
A new recipe this year...
it has dark chocolate in it!
Definitely onto a good thing here.

School Finished for 2015

To mark the end of another School year 
we were lucky enough (Thanks to friends) to see
an advance charity screening of the new Snoopy movie.
We liked it and it has a good message.
Then today we went ice skating with friends.
It was the first time ever for the boys.
 Because we live in QLD and don't have a rink close by,
we haven't really considered it, 
but it was well worth the drive, they enjoyed it and hope to go again.

Here's to the Holidays!

Robotix Class - Making a Colour Guitar and Piano

The latest cool thingy the boys have made with their arduino 
and breadboards and wires and LED's and resistors and switches 
and aluminium foil!
When you touch the foil the LED lights up one of four colours and 
with a speaker attached and the arduino programmed it also plays four notes.

Next week some LEGO robots to design.


Last week we had a gymnastics display for the adults,
some skills and routines the children have been learning this year.
Certificates were awarded also.

We have definitely improved this year!

2015 Music Concert

 Last night we had the pleasure of going to a concert performance
at the" J Noosa".
Two familiar boys were performing!
 (amongst many other talented youngsters)
(including our good friend who is very talented on the saxophone)
It was the first time on stage for H and he was very at ease with both performances,
a spanish guitar solo and a group guitar piece.
Jarrod was comfortable on stage as usual and pulled off his solo classical piece and
accompanied performers in three other songs.
 They were all excellent, 
everything went to plan and we had an entertaining evening.

Glasshouse Trio Concert

Recently we went to a beautiful classical concert performance 
in a small hall in Eudlo.
It was a delight to listen to the piano, clarinet and cello.

Busy Bodies

Another Robotics/Electronics course completed.
 Another First Aid session completed 
(this one was obviously on bandaging techniques)

rehearsing for the big concert.