Butterfly Hwy

Our house is in the middle of a butterfly Hwy it seems.
They are all rushing on by,
we wonder where they are coming from or going to.
H was hoping to catch one...
didn't happen this time.
It is a pleasure to look up and see a fluttering of colour go by.

Pastel Monday

 H wanted to do Ayers Rock...pretty cool for a hot rock.

An elephant for me it was.

Cacao Papow Balls

 Otherwise known as a version of the bliss ball, or protein, coconut chocolate balls,
whatever you call them
H and I have been experimenting with them over the past few weeks, 
trying different combinations. 
You can make these completely sugar free, dairy free, gluten free, etc etc.
but we make them as an alternative to chocolate, biscuits or cakes.
We like using dates which have fructose of course so not sugar free, however we are reducing the amount each time. 
We also like pure cacao powder, cacao nibs, and cacao butter in our mix.
So what exactly went into the last batch?
Protein powder, macadamia meal, coconut, coconut paste, almond milk,
cacao nibs, powder and cacao butter (small amount), almond butter,
bukkinis, puffed brown rice, dates, rice malt syrup, pepitas, chia seeds,
and probably some other things...
then in the fridge.
Then in the mouth!
Cacao Papow!
(these are a treat)

Paper Collage Rainbow Lorikeet

 What do you do with a pile of Fishing magazines?
Cut them up of course and make a collage on canvas.

This took quite a few hours over a few days. 
For a first attempt I am quietly happy with the result and 
will hopefully get to do another in the future.

Experimenting With Watercolour

 Using some magazine/book images as a guide I am experimenting with brushes and colour mixing.
 Mango and Crush the goldfish.
My Fiddle Leaf Fig.

Blind Portraits in Watercolour

 by H (7)
By J (11)
Today we did blind sketching (no looking at the paper) 
of each other in an attempt to create some fun art.
I think they look cool.

2015 is Here

What have we been doing so far in 2015?
Reading,Movies, Parties, Friends over, Beach, Playing lots of card games and 
Lego Robotics of course!
(Mindstorms = A wonderful and detailed introduction to programming and building robots)

There are plenty of robots to build with set programs and when you have finished with those, well you create your own...endless opportunities to create.

 It has been raining and the tanks are full, the gardens growing and bubbles are blowing.

End of School Year Art

Some recent Art by the boys.
The salmon pencil drawing by H was copied freehand
 from a magazine picture in an attempt to practice drawing what we see.
These are some nature art mixed media examples.
 The wave was reworked from something H was not happy to put up in his room.

These are watercolour and ink blown trees, very effective finished results
we think..
Looking forward to more art in 2015.

Christmas 2014

On Christmas Eve we sat and enjoyed a meal with family, 
some niceties from the wood fired oven, then watched some Christmas carols.

 A herb wreath from the garden.

Not too much in the way of Christmas decorations this year, but we did get around to making a Christmas pudding and cake, amongst other things.

 Our paper crane origami Christmas Tree.

 H made some gingerbread cookies.
Lifepointe Baptist Church Christmas Lights, farmyard and music production was inspiring and well worth a visit.
Merry, Merry Christmas.