Party Time for Feathered Friends

On the weekend the boys made a garden for the ladies
in the chicken run.
We planted a lime tree and some flowers that looked lovely, until...
the ladies thought they would have a party and eat every last leaf and purple flower!!
Luckily the blueberry and lime have survived.

The ladies loved mixing and digging up the compost as the boys wheeled it in.
Hopefully we will find something the girls don't like to eat
and add some more plants soon. 

Mothers Day

(Clay sculptures made by the boys at Leonie Rhodes Class this week)
Today the boys made Nanny and myself lovely cards for mothers Day.
We had Eggs Benedict for breakfast
Woodfired Pizza for dinner
Amo Gelati from Noosaville.
We also spent some of the day building a rock wall from repurposed rocks.
Other than the handmade cards,
 the special gift was having the Studio complete and available for use...
It comes complete with a painting corner.
 A crafty corner...
A sewing corner...
An inspiring drawing/working space with a pegboard ready to be filled...

Plenty of wall space for photos and pictures that inspire...
 Three large wall to ceiling cupboards with organised shelves...
Room for fabric...
 With room for friends to come and share in the creativity...

 Thank you, it is Exceptional!

Birthday Lunch

 The boys took Dad out for his birthday lunch 
(Embassy XO Yum Cha banquet)
Made a card 
and a banana pecan cake with butterscotch sauce and ice cream
as requested.
Luckily H was having a hungry day!
Happy forty something birthday Dad!

More Felt Land Friends

Some friends.
The rabbit does look like a donkey.

Author Talks and Science Class

 Today we met up with our Distance education school to participate
in an Author talk by Dave Lowe and a science experiment all to do with
What happens  to your vegemite sandwich after lunch!

ANZAC DAY 100 Years on

 This year, 
One hundred years on,
Some that marched, 
Now were gone,
The sun did rise,
This is our prize, 
And as the old war birds fly, 
We were reminded,
Of our people,
 And of days gone by. 

ANZAC Day Red Poppy Art

 By J.
These were done by the boys using watercolour and ink.

We also made paper cupcake liners into red poppy flowers.

Art this Week

 Friday afternoon art, a cherry tree by H in watercolour.
I can really see an improvement in his art this last year, I love the trunk of the tree.
He also did this quick bird...

This was my attempt.

Science Seed Experiment

 H has planted some cress seeds for science.
He is learning how to report science results.


Helga looks cold...
 she has lost her mittens.
I had plans to add bright red gloves and some buttons to this felt doll, 
but not sure.

Snubby our Resident Koala

On the Weekend, as we were banging and screwing in nails
down at the shed, 
little did we know that above the chicken house behind us was a 
sleeping Koala.
Yay, Yay, Yay!
 J had his binoculars out and spotted Snubby from afar.
We are all so happy to have a koala in our backyard and we hope he stays a while.
I think the chickens were clucking him to sleep.
I hope that tiny branch holds.
(ps. we do not know if it is a boy or a girl actually)

A Lesson in Compromise

Two brothers, two ideas, but one Lego City, means 
much compromise and plenty working together!