Party- Legoland

This party was loads of fun.
We had just been given boxes and boxes of Lego and it was a great way to get the pieces sorted! 

The invitations were from the Lego website.

I printed and painted Lego signs and made flags in the Lego colours to decorate the yard.

The lunch boxes were used to hold the drinks and cups for the fruit salad and the meatballs in baked tortillas.

The giant Lego truck was used to hold the load of ice cream cone cakes (which were decorated by the children since it was a Lego party)

I laminated Lego placemats (lots available on the Lego website) and used red, yellow and blue balloons for the table decorations.

There were not many games needed, the Lego was plenty. 

I had set up different building zones/tables for Lego...castles, western fort, city roads and vehicles, pirates, home buildings and create your own. 

The instructions were available if anyone wanted them and prizes were given out to all those children who made anything at all.

We did play some outside games, but soon ran out of time. Lego is a wonderful thing to occupy little minds.


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