Party - Cat Cupcake Craft

We decided to have a school holiday craft party and the theme was inspired by the book, "If you give a cat a cupcake" by Laura Numeroff.

It is a great book for the little ones and there are plenty of activities you could revolve your party around.
I couldn't find any invitations on the website, so I made my own. There were however some printable activities which I used and of course I read the book to the children.

All the children added some art to the tablecloth,which was paper and they decorated crafts and fabric softies using fabric pastels.
I stitched the softies earlier, but left a small opening for the mums to fill with stuffing and hand sew, once the artwork was complete (it was a bit of a 'sewing bee').
The party tree was used to hang guest bags on, which contained more activities, crayons and a cupcake.

I served fruit and cheese and veg platter alongside the DIY cupcakes.

We played some games had some music on and it was all round a lovely school holiday get together.


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