Party - Cat in the Hat

Most people I know like Dr Seuss books. H and J are no exception.

An easy and fun way to encourage reading books.

The decorating was fun..

Cardboard cut out kites, IKEA paper roll for banner.

The Fox and his socks pegged on a line.
Horton looking after the egg in the tree.
I found Dr Seuss clearance party items for $6, including the soft toy, so it worked out a very inexpensive party table.

A piece of whiteboard and decorated to make a menu.

We had a ham glazed on the BBQ and crusty rolls and all the extras for every one to help themselves.
I made an animal mix of cupcakes, not really in theme but very popular anyway.

Pin the bow on the cat was one of the games, along with treasure hunts, apples up on top and catching thing one and thing two.

We are thankful for Dr Suess.


  1. Hi Tasha,

    We'd like to feature your Dr. Seuss party on our site Red Tricycle ( for Dr. Seuss' birthday. We'd use your photos and link back to your site so others can check out the cool crafts and party ideas you have! Could you e-mail us for easier correspondence? christal (a)

    Thank you!

    1. That is fine, thanks for asking Christal.


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