Party - Circus Theme

This party was for our 2yr old boy H and we had so, so much fun.

It was a very small party, just 8 children, which was lovely because they all played together as one group.

Decorations - I used handmade flags, bunting and tablecloths. I printed banners on brown paper bags, created some hmmmm, strange looking things out of those long sculpting balloons, I used a wooden train toy to hold napkins and made a very rough tent shaped photo booth out of fabric.
Cake- I made a giant face out of white chocolate and put it on a round ice cream cake (which I made by cutting a circle out of a large tub of caramel ice cream)

Activities - We had circus music, which is a must for a circus party I think. We didn't have anything at all like circus music in our collection, so I purchased 5 songs; including magnificent men in their Flying machines, Baby elephant walk and Teddy bears picnic in the calliope style, from Itunes after doing a circus music search.We used this music to play statues, ball games and juggling, bean bag toss, skittles and bubbles. The bubbles are always popular, especially with 2 year olds. I used a battery operated machine, which is much more efficient for these types of situations.The children (of their own accord) put together a marching band and they all played different instruments and walked around the house.We had some play in the play room and also played Hullabaloo (by Cranium) which is perfect for small numbers.

Cupcake flags - I printed some of my little circus elephants on card. 
Lunch boxes - These boxes are great, I picked them up for another party and they have come in so handy, you fill them with the party lunch and drink or let the kids do it themselves and off they go and eat. Then they get washed for the next party. I cut out a paper ribbon and elephant to keep the theme running.
Goodie Bags - We always have some lollies at our birthday parties because they are seen as a party treat food, for special occasions only, so I packed up some old favourites in a bag.

Popcorn prize bags - I whitewashed an old fruit box to put the popcorn bags in. The children were able to use theses to take home their lollies, some stickers, a little prize, art, craft and a cupcake.
Costumes - I made a fabric crown for the birthday boy and a felt tie and giant flower to go on a felt hat and some giant felt bow ties.Most of the children came dressed up, some as clowns and circus animals, which was lots of fun, especially when taking the photo booth style photos. 

If you were contemplating having a circus party, I say go for it! The young ones and the adults will enjoy the atmosphere and with a little guidance, the older kids will run the circus for you.


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