The Storyteller Hat

I have had this idea... based on a storytelling session I went to many years ago, that we make a storytellers Hat.

It could be a fantastic, bizarre, and very busy hat. 

Perhaps a large brim cane hat with all sorts of things on it, or an old bucket hat from the closet.

This hat helps brings the characters alive, perhaps a magical one, which adds spark to the storytelling.

Kids would love it, I am sure of it. Might just give it a go next time we do stories.

Perhaps we could add something to it each time we read, something relevant from the story?

This would be great for class/library sessions at school.

What little one would not want to get into a book if it was delivered in a such a way as to make the story even more exciting?

I have been thinking of such things because sadly not all children have found their love of books like we have.

Oh the joy they are missing!


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