Geography Fun

We like puzzles (I wish there was a puzzle library) and I especially like puzzles with a difference, such as this one...

This puzzle of the globe contains 600 pieces and is a multifaceted puzzle, it has each country cut out in its own shape (some very small pieces), it also has details about each country written on the sea. It can be done over and over again without loosing its appeal.

We spent a few hours yesterday doing this puzzle and it is amazing how many times we had to look at the box to find out which country went where.

J was given the job of finding the names of places on the box for us when we were stuck.

This puzzle is an extremely good geography teaching tool, we were reading, sorting and connecting countries, oceans and seas. It is made from recycled materials, was under $30 and the brand name is "A broader view", made in USA.

Today H and I picked a few countries to focus on and discussed where some animals live on the map.

It just so happens we are doing passports at the moment so we also made a little one to do some stamping in, which fits in nicely with our geography theme.

Have fun learning at play.


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