BBQ area makeover - on a budget!

This is what we found when we moved in-

There was no pool fence and a very uninviting BBQ area (and the lovely blue paint). This is what we have done...

The BBQ Before-

The BBQ area now- 

We salvaged some black granite and built in our portable BBQ.

School Holidays-Monday Maths

Relaxing on holidays, before doing mathletics.

We have a school assignment to do for the 100 day celebrations, so we got that done today.

500 piece steam train puzzle sitting on our table.

Taking turns.

Toy Story Takes Over

We are still trying to shake these coughs, however we have been working on the house reno and having fun with the new toys on the block...Toy Story!

A few years ago we were given a Buzz and Woody toy which we weren't really into until a few weeks ago when we saw the Toy Story web site with games and videos. We also had a Mr Potatoe head game in the bookshelf that has become very popular again, he also makes a great bread roll snack...

Both boys decided they would spend their money (earned from the selling of their garage sale toys) on a slinky dog, some more Thomas train tracks and a Lego RC. 

Now most days are spent with the toy story gang.

We decided to go to the drive in and see Toy Story 3. It was our first time there and it was very exciting. 

A little cold...

has got us a little down.

Back up soon hopefully.

Cutting, making, puzzles

We did some cutting and pasting of people.

We were reading about Jupiter and made a mobile on a coat hanger.

Going through the puzzles for a garage sale, but can't part with the wooden ones.

Monday Funday

Thanks Margaret for reminding me about this, it has been a long while since we got the shaving cream out!

A frog or a monkey...whatever you desire.

Blocks, books, card games and shopping filled our day today.


Plenty of chess over the weekend and painting and renovating and a walk to the beach...