A Book Costume

Tomorrow is "Fairy Tale day" at school. 
We needed a costume, but what do we wear when we don't like wearing costumes, masks, face paints etc?
After some serious thinking I decided to make this...

A Fabric Book on a T Shirt Costume !

J loves books, so when I explained my idea, he was quite happy, which made me happy and relieved at the same time! He would never have put on a cardboard box for a book!

I used a long sleeve Tshirt which was hiding in the corner of the closet. I cut off the sleeves and zig zagged the hem (a little like the Gingerbread Man).

The Fairy Tale book was made from calico and Tshirt transfers. The design was made in Photoshop. I would have liked to get J to draw his own pictures, but he was asleep and we had little time to complete this (because I had this last minute idea you see), so I borrowed the tree image from the book 'One red apple' by Harriet Ziefert and the owl etc from a Tutorial on how to make a book page in Photoshop. 

The story of The Gingerbread Man was added, a contents page, a ribbon page marker and 'The End' to complete the project.

Once stitched the book was connected down the spine to the TShirt with simple stiches. I added a ribbon to keep the pages from flipping open all the time, but I think I will add velcro for ease of use.

I am quite happy with the finished product because J is happy to wear it.

Happy Fairy Tale day!

We made some Gingerbread Men for the class to enjoy too.


  1. Tasha! I've been checking back every day, to see if there were any pics of J's costume. This is fabulous! The pictures, the font and especially the front page. Beautiful!


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