Fractions are Fun

I love the idea of making maths fun and thinking out of the square when it comes to teaching it, so when I saw this in a lovely little toy shop I thought we might have some fun. 

Yes! fun with fractions we are having.
I paid no attention to the 4 and up age recommendation, H(3 yrs) just loves the blocks and knows where they all go already. 
Each time we play I will keep reinforcing the proper names, such as one quarter instead of one four, which is what he is seeing at the moment and one day it will all sink in. He thinks it is fun, it is a game after all.
The blocks are the same as Duplo and fit normal Lego bases.
For J (6yrs) I started to quiz him on adding fractions using the blocks with shapes and he quite easily understood the basics.

They say at Kumon he will be doing harder maths than I can understand in no time, maybe I should get studying also!


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