More rain and more baking. In fact a good time to try a recipe I have been wanting to try for ages, one for macarons! 

I made vanilla macarons with a raspberry and white chocolate ganache filling.

Firstly I have to say that I have never tried a store bought one before (sad yes) but these ones were extremely delicious, so I can only imagine the pure bliss of those made in France.

I had heard that these are tricky to get right, so I started by measuring everything precisely and sifting the almonds and icing sugar together well, measuring the egg whites exactly and having faith in the Kitchen Aid (which does not disappoint).

One tray worked out pretty well and the other (which was a lamington tray) stuck and didn't rise evenly, but still tasted good.

Perhaps these could have risen more, but overall I am chuffed that they remotely worked.

The filling was a white chocolate, vanilla, cream ganache, which I added some strained frozen raspberries to and set in the fridge. 

We just had one, the verdict is we like them a lot but they are too nice to eat and having them on the table makes me feel like some part of me is holidaying in Paris.

I am a fan of Laduree, the shop windows, packaging and all those amazing artistic creations! We never made it there when we went to Paris, so next time it is definitely on the to do list.

But in the mean time I will make believe and enjoy the moment that is.


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