Wet, Wet, Wet

Well these holidays are at a close and we have spent quite a lot of time indoors with all the rain, which is loved (the rain that is) but this weekend we needed to keep the fun rolling or else patience starts to run thin.

On Saturday morning J decided he wanted to make croissants! So Dad and the boys spent most of the day mixing, folding, watching dough rise and kneading (way too much of this one as you can see in the next photo!)

 That will be the last time we make croissants from scratch, although they did taste nice, just nothing like a croissant. Next time we will happily buy a flaky croissant with the knowledge of all the work that goes into this little creation. However it did keep the boys occupied and laughing when the butter squirted out everywhere.

Mustard was happy with all those croissants!

The boys made and decorated these cupcakes.

 They then made a new wooden train track setup and used buttons as the loads of materials.

I spent most of the weekend doing Party crafty things, which was nice.

Holidays go too quickly.


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