Birthday Dinner For Nanny


A few pretty pastel decorations I made for Nanny and her dinner party...

The party tree with paper fan bunting.

Larger paper fan wheels (I don't know what they are called?) I hung from the ceiling.

I made a party hat, card and wrapped the prezzy to match.

The little box is from Style me Pretty.

Some white ink on brown paper for wall messages.

Handmade cards from the boys.

The menu was fairly simple, mostly seafood. 

I made sushi rice and rolled in toasted sesame seeds, made up some green Thai curry (quite thick) for a sauce and put thinly sliced Tuna steaks on a hot grill before serving on top of rice and curry. They were nice, but a little too much rice (note to self for next time).

I did try this recipe from Vogue Entertaining Magazine, which was very delish, a great starter. 

The eggs must not be overcooked, unless making for kids, as the runny egg yolk works like a sauce and the dish tastes completely different if you do, however we did omit the truffle oil and I made an alternate dressing of olive oil,lemon and aged red wine vinegar, but one day I will try as per the recipe.

We also had salmon kebabs with fresh prawns and for dessert I had every intention of making a macaron cake of some sort, however they didn't quite turn out right, so I made fresh raspberry couli, chantilly cream and macaron parfaits for all.

A lovely way to end the day.


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