Christmas Tree Decorating

Saturday morning tree decorating...

Each year we collect a few goodies at the after Christmas sales and we are starting to have quite a nice collection. Sticking with the Scandinavian look because we all like it.


  1. Hi, my name is Angelina and I'm from Sweden. I came across over your blogg through Hip Hip Hooray's blogg. I was looking att you beautiful pictures and thinking you are from Scandinavia :) Have a super 2011. // Angelina

  2. I love Scandinavian decorating/interiors although have never visited Sweden. I guess I have a similar style but for a warm climate. Do you know of any great Scandinavian blogs or websites? Thanks for visiting.

  3. Hi, the only Scandinavian blog/websit I know of (and like) is in swedish hope you like it :)


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