Advent Calendar of Past Years

Our Lego calendar is lots of fun this year (and it helps to speed up the morning chores), but in previous years (when the boys were younger) we used these envelopes containing little messages (the true meaning of Christmas). 

It was helpful to have the calendar focus on giving to others as the boys were fairly new to Christmas.

Well even though I haven't used that advent calendar this year, it seems the messages live on for the most part.
Today we made some prezzy deliveries to the wishing tree and helped Nanny and Poppy set up their new phone.
I am enjoying the School holidays and making new things for Christmas gifts,  some photos of these in the next few days.
J has been making little cards, bookmarks, drawings for everyone spontaneously and just coming up and saying I love you, just because in his words "Christmas is about giving mum".
Just Lovely.


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