Hand Painted Cups

I decided to make some personalised cups this year for the boys, Dad and Poppy after seeing so many creative handpainted cups on many different blogs.

I found plain espresso cups at Villeroy and Boch (made in Luxembourg what a refreshing surprise) at a ridiculously good price, so I used the Porcelaine paint pen from Spotlight and created these...

The owl and Panda would be my favourites, but I made these above especially for two little friends who also enjoy a baby cino now and again. 
I could have made so many more if I had more cups, they are so easy and kind of addictive. The instructions say to choose ovenproof ceramics. These ones didn't say that on the bottom, but they worked fine.
They are dishwasher safe too!

This one is for H, he actually picked this from my sketch book himself.

This fish is for Dad (not a surprise now).

This one is for Poppy designed by H (it is a Teddy).
Next we are doing a cake side plate for Nanny and a mug for Dad.


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