Home Organisation Days

There is so much rain around, so we are doing lots of Lego and playing inside games, like this new one...

There are so many shapes and sizes available to make any number of designs and you don't have to use the pins (if you have little ones) although the hammering is great if you supervise of course.

We also did our annual playroom tidy up and started filling a bag for Lifeline. I explain to the boys that it is the right thing to do to give some toys away when we receive so many at this time of year.

We also made up our school boxes for next year and got these great desks at Crazy Clarks for $35. The boys love them and are quite excited about filling them up.

We will be able to move them outside in the natural light when we do our school work next year.


  1. That tack toy looks super fun. C got a version that is magnetic this year but I'll have to keep an eye out for that one when he's a little older.


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