Party Invite - The Very Hungry Caterpillar

We handed out the invites!

I found a letter writing set for The very Hungry Caterpillar at a clearance shop, so used the writing sheets to print the invite on, then added a few chomps with the hole punch.

More photos later.

Tablesetting - Book flowers

I made some petals from an old Lonely Planet book, water painted them and connected a few with a button. I then glued them to my branch from the garden to make a table centrepiece for sunday lunch.

It appears I like trees!

Coming soon - A Very Hungry Caterpillar Party

We have a 3 year old party coming up and the briefing is "green" , so we are going with the Very Hungry caterpillar.

A crafts and arts party I think.

More to come in the next few weeks.

Lily Doll

Made for a special girl friend at school. On the arrival of her new brother.

Softie Monster For Baby

For a baby. Nice soft suede and stretch fabrics.

Party - Dinosaur Party

Invitations - made from Photoshop and printed on Japanese paper.

Website - On the back of the envelopes I printed the blog site for the Party. I thought it would be fun for the kids to get information before the party.

Decorations - We made dinosaurs out of ply and mdf we had in the shed.

We also used removalist boxes to make these hanging dino birds.

Brown paint on cardboard for signs.

Contact paper for footprints leading to the party.

When the guests arrived we gave them dinosaur names and put them on our dino height chart.

The birthday boy wore a reverse applique dino Tshirt and bucket hat (explorer style)

Activities - I had Jurassic Park theme music playing in the background when guests arrived and were eating. We had fun playing dinosaur statues, we danced the dinosaur stomp, put together a large dinosaur skeleton floor puzzle I made from cardboard, made dinosaur fossils in homemade dirt coloured playdough, 
We also played pop the TRex egg (pop the balloon). Each balloon had a picture of a dinosaur,which they had to match up on the dinosaur identification posters.

We made volcanoes out of bicarb, red food colouring, vinegar, water and liquid soap.

We had a colour in dino table and a balloon dino making competition for the mums and dads.

Food - We glazed a whole ham on the BBQ and had bread rolls and other salad fillings along with the following menu...

The watermelon was so popular and fun to make (which I got from here )

Birthday cake- an adapted version of the Betty Crocker Dinosaur cake. I used a chocolate brownie mix and use chocolate icing to replace the green colouring.

Goodie bags - drawstring calico bags with dino tags filled with some clearance items I found and a home made gingerbread dino cookie.

J just loved this party and the other children said they had fun did I!

Bean Bag Play

Today we played catch and hot potatoe and balance games with the beanbags I made from scrap fabric.

Next time I will make a triangle, rectangle, cone and oval shape so that we can learn shapes whilst we are playing.

Owl Coffee Bag Doll

Here I used an old Coffee sack, some sofa fabric scraps and denim.

Machine Sewn Card for Piano Teacher

This is a card we made for our piano teacher, but would work well for absolutely anyone if you replace the petals with a pattern to suite.

I always love chocolate and pink together.

Huck Finn Doll

My first boy doll...

Mini Mocha Doll

Mini Mocha Doll

Jade Doll

A doll for Jade.

Party Present Sack

I made this sack from a pillowcase (we didn't use) and some fabric remnants.
Just stitch over enough room for some ribbon or cord to make a drawstring closure. 

It is a great size for odd shaped presents such as insect catching nets!
A party theme based on large boxey lettering would be fun also and I love these colours together.

Celebration- Fish Birthday

This was a birthday theme for Dad, because he likes fishing and the chocolate cake for all of us, because we love chocolate cake.

The fish were made by the children cutting out shapes from some painted paper.

Raw string was used to give the effect of fishing line, which worked quite nicely.

I might use this theme again for another party, with a few extras.

Party - Cat Cupcake Craft

We decided to have a school holiday craft party and the theme was inspired by the book, "If you give a cat a cupcake" by Laura Numeroff.

It is a great book for the little ones and there are plenty of activities you could revolve your party around.
I couldn't find any invitations on the website, so I made my own. There were however some printable activities which I used and of course I read the book to the children.

All the children added some art to the tablecloth,which was paper and they decorated crafts and fabric softies using fabric pastels.
I stitched the softies earlier, but left a small opening for the mums to fill with stuffing and hand sew, once the artwork was complete (it was a bit of a 'sewing bee').
The party tree was used to hang guest bags on, which contained more activities, crayons and a cupcake.

I served fruit and cheese and veg platter alongside the DIY cupcakes.

We played some games had some music on and it was all round a lovely school holiday get together.

Books and Play

I believe...

books should be portrayed as toys, they should be seen as fun, everything about reading books needs to be fun.

Libraries should be fun places, there should be laughter and characters and colour and art.

Books need to be a focus of early childhood education and incorporated/associated with play.  

Start early.

A for Apple Card

This card was made for a young friend.

Party - Circus Theme

This party was for our 2yr old boy H and we had so, so much fun.

It was a very small party, just 8 children, which was lovely because they all played together as one group.

Decorations - I used handmade flags, bunting and tablecloths. I printed banners on brown paper bags, created some hmmmm, strange looking things out of those long sculpting balloons, I used a wooden train toy to hold napkins and made a very rough tent shaped photo booth out of fabric.
Cake- I made a giant face out of white chocolate and put it on a round ice cream cake (which I made by cutting a circle out of a large tub of caramel ice cream)

Activities - We had circus music, which is a must for a circus party I think. We didn't have anything at all like circus music in our collection, so I purchased 5 songs; including magnificent men in their Flying machines, Baby elephant walk and Teddy bears picnic in the calliope style, from Itunes after doing a circus music search.We used this music to play statues, ball games and juggling, bean bag toss, skittles and bubbles. The bubbles are always popular, especially with 2 year olds. I used a battery operated machine, which is much more efficient for these types of situations.The children (of their own accord) put together a marching band and they all played different instruments and walked around the house.We had some play in the play room and also played Hullabaloo (by Cranium) which is perfect for small numbers.

Cupcake flags - I printed some of my little circus elephants on card. 
Lunch boxes - These boxes are great, I picked them up for another party and they have come in so handy, you fill them with the party lunch and drink or let the kids do it themselves and off they go and eat. Then they get washed for the next party. I cut out a paper ribbon and elephant to keep the theme running.
Goodie Bags - We always have some lollies at our birthday parties because they are seen as a party treat food, for special occasions only, so I packed up some old favourites in a bag.

Popcorn prize bags - I whitewashed an old fruit box to put the popcorn bags in. The children were able to use theses to take home their lollies, some stickers, a little prize, art, craft and a cupcake.
Costumes - I made a fabric crown for the birthday boy and a felt tie and giant flower to go on a felt hat and some giant felt bow ties.Most of the children came dressed up, some as clowns and circus animals, which was lots of fun, especially when taking the photo booth style photos. 

If you were contemplating having a circus party, I say go for it! The young ones and the adults will enjoy the atmosphere and with a little guidance, the older kids will run the circus for you.