Super Monday

Superhero dress up day today. 

Our family of superheros.

We coloured in some superhero prints and played some games on the computer. I found "Super Why?" which we have never seen before on TV but it looks quite good.

A quick trip to the library and Paint shop filled in the middle of the day.

Pirate Lego Sunday

The boys spent most of their sunday playing friendly pirate Lego.

Space Exploration

Looking at space travel and rockets...

The boys coloured in after learning about planets and space exploration.

We started making a rocket and aliens inspired from this fabulous one here.

Geography Friday

Today we looked at maps and our flag and started learning how to draw them both.

We have been talking about N,S,E,W and the Equator and how temperatures change when you move away from the equator.

We played a card game (made from old business cards) of guess which continent the countries come from and then wrote a few sentences in our story book to finish off the geography fun.

We made some fun craft animals with paper plates too...

(a Dino chicken!)

Making and Measuring

I really need to find an electric pencil sharpener, these seem to need doing all the time, but that is a good thing.

Today we looked at Measurements and graphing results...

We measured and counted the trains! They didn't even know they were doing maths.

We had a visit from a ladybug, who didn't want to leave, so we observed and made a sketch for the science lesson of the day.

A few pages in our work book, story writing and fun compound words...

After lunch a walk to the library and run through the football field.

We also made new placemats because we seem to have far too many discussions about who gets which they have their own ones for a while anyway.

This is a picture of Lady one of the engines from Thomas and friends.


What a lovely morning, lots of sun, toasted English muffins and poached eggs, matchbox car racing, colour by numbers, plenty of books.

Which cars do we think will go faster? Why do we think this? Do the heavy cars go further? Do the tall cars tip over?  Lots to think about. London double deckers don't race well.

The clouds rolled in and it got quite cool, good weather for fitting the kitchen door fronts and handles.

Letter of the Day - "C"

Today C is for -

Cuddling monkey

Letter of the day - "P"

Today P is for -

Pram walking
Picture books
Parking hot wheels
Painting water colour Ps
Play doh

(A lovely little story about the best gift of all...friendship)

Drawing and playing with cars

Lots of car and block play this weekend.
We have also been working on simple ways to draw different things such as vehicles. This book has some easy ideas for young and old to follow.

I find it so much easier to draw something once it has been broken down into pieces and cartoon styles are much more fun for 3 & 6 year olds.

(Jenga blocks have so many uses!)

The Art Gallery and Library

Earlier in the week we went for a drive to the Art Galleries, Museum and State Library.

We spent most time in the library area specially designed for under eights...playing, crafting, 'computering'.

We had fun looking at all the hats in the exhibition "Hats an anthology"
Then we made our own designs from card and paper. 

This was a good mind exercise. Sometimes it is hard to let go and create something different, it seems (?) the older the brain gets the more it wants to conform, to make what it thinks a hat should look like!

I enjoy our visits to the Art gallery as do the boys.

Mothers Day

I received beautiful handmade cards and some school craft this morning.

We made brunch at our house for Nanny and Poppy.

We had fun making the tablecoth.

Menu -
Peking Duck pancakes
Pancetta and feta frittata
Prosciutto finger toasts
roast baby roma tomatoes
Kipfler and asparagus with rocket salad

Lemon & Lime meringue tarts
Pomegranate/fig/ pawpaw/melon/grape fruit platter
Chocolate chantilly cream and chocolates

In the afternoon we painted, so overall a lovely day.