Wild West Woody Cowboy Party

This year was going to be an underwater theme, however with all the interest in Toy Story at the moment this has now changed and J is excited about a Cowboy and Western Toy Story theme.

We have the hat!
Plenty of time to make some Wild West Props to set the scene.
Should be fun.

A Day At The Show

We don't normally do the shows, however this year we thought we would go and have a look at all the animals, as it was a lovely sunny day...

Awards were given. Here are the winners...

(First prize - tastiest looking duck)

(First prize - best mum of show)

(First prize - noisiest of show)

(First Prize childrens choice - cutest of show)

(no prize - no egg!)

We also watched the woodchopping, horse jumping, live acts, and escaped side show alley with the pockets full! 

A Birthday by J

J (very thoughtfully) organised a birthday morning for me which included a hand drawn shirt, wrapping paper, cards, lunch, a hazelnut mousse cake, chocolates and party games...

(they had no idea their hands would end up in this position!)

Thankyou J and H

Athletics Day and Poetry

The last few days have been spent at an athletics Carnival and Poetry Speech competition, a birthday party tomorrow organised by J and before you know it we are in September already.

Hoping to start a quilt...we will see how we go this weekend.

Gold Coast Science Fair

Love this idea! Hats off to the Gold Coast Council. 
We had lots of fun today with science.

Plenty of science experiments, giant bubbles, acrobatics, biology displays and plenty more that could have kept us occupied for most of the day.

Cutting and Punching

This week...Mathletics and Reading Eggs

H (3.5) can't get enough of ABC Reading Eggs, loves it, wants to do it all day. Wonderful! So that is what we do every morning after school drop off. 
Check it out if you haven't seen it yet.
We have also been playing snakes and ladders quite a lot, reading and doing tricks on the scooter. Not much craft, except for a Tshirt transfer I created from a card (yes this one is mirror image, it is a spare now).

J (6) if not reading has been playing with trains, Lego or doing Mathletics this week. He is much faster with his additions since using this every day!
It will be interesting to see how we go with Kumon these next few weeks.

Have an enlightening weekend.

Mr Owl not home

We knocked on Mr Owls door...but he wasn't answering. We tried other doors until we came to the conclusion he was sleeping.

A little bird became very friendly and followed us carrying a large juicy grub, which it decided to share with us (dropped it by our feet).

We decided that we too should have refreshments and stopped at the cafe for a babycino.

Then a little play by the beach.

Such lovely weather at this time of year (except for Mr wattle tree who definitely does not like me).

Dining Area renovation

This wall and screen was enclosing the dining/kitchen and lounge areas way too much, so we took it out and ended up with a much more user friendly space.

After -

Sunday Fly Day

Perfect weather for kite flying today!

And passionfruit picking!

Bedroom makeover

Carpet and yellow paint removed...

Kids room makeover

This room was lightened up, aircon removed and minimal furniture required as it is used mainly for reading and sleeping.

Staircase Renovation

A tight and rickety pine staircase was replaced with steel and limewashed plywood.

The table we made out of plywood (legs and top) and put a mixing bowl in the middle to hold all the crayons. It was pretty inexpensive. One day i will sand it back and limewash it so that we have a new look for the next house.

Living room renovation

This room was dark because it had a standard size sliding door leading out to the pool. It also had a small doorway leading to the hall.

We added large sliding doors and removed the doorway to the hall.