Amazingly Beautiful Bug

This is what we were checking out in our yard today.

Chocolate and Meringue Cupcakes

We all made cupcakes today (after the boys watched Junior Masterchef).
I tried a new recipe from Home beautiful and made my first batch of meringue icing. 

It is very luscious, very sweet, but goes well with the bitter chocolate an indulgence for school holidays of course.

Needless to say I decided on a brisk walk this evening!

Craft and Sewing Lounge

Wow! I just found out there is a craft and sewing Lounge on the Gold Coast. I will be making a trip there soon to check it out.

Oh Sew Rosy.

Things that give me a smile.

Wild West Party Tee Pee

Well after some adjusting to make it fit the it is (haven't ironed it yet)!

Not quite as big as I hoped, but it isn't too bad I guess for a rustic wild west boyish tent.

I used left over fabrics, scrap (from old clothes), ribbon for seams and bamboo poles. Rubber feet stop it slipping and rings sewn on the inside of fabric to keep the poles in place.

More pics when it is party time.

Wild West TeePee

Working on it as we speak...sewing madly and listening to Gypsy Kings now (it was Putamayo Paris for inspiration but now I need a toe tapping lift). 
I am thinking I should have used a pattern, but I really dislike using patterns, always end up taking short cuts and the finished product never looks like it should. So I didn't use one, but I am now having to do some adjusting (will I never learn!).
Just need some poles and rings to finish it off tomorrow hopefully.

Also have to make a dozen bandanas, 2 down and 10 to go.

More party props here.

Art Gallery Museum and Library

Up to Brisbane we went, to spend some time at the Gallery of Modern Art, State Library and Museum. Always turns out to be a fun and creative day...

We watched a funny science show at the Museum all about circus and magic tricks and the science behind them, funny and educational at the same time!

Wet Weather Lego and Robot Drawing

With rain keeping us indoors so far these holidays, we have been keeping busy with Lego building and drawing...

Good days for afternoon naps!

Swell Sculpture Festival

A lovely walk along the beach this afternoon, which was dotted with interesting sculptures.

Wildlife at Currumbin

This weekend we visited Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary...

The boys love the train that goes through the park and the playgrounds too.

Painting Today

H is feeling his normal self after a bug, so we did some painting...

We have never had paint pots before so when I saw these at Kids Central with lids that closed for $10 I grabbed them. (so much easier, why didn't we do this before!)

Wrapping paper for J.

The robot with aerial and blue flashing lights.

The sandy beach.