4th Birthday Party

Today we were invited to a 4th Birthday party along with lots of "critters".

Dad is the artist!
 A beach bucket is a great idea for a goodie bag,lots of fun things.

Face painting.

We had fun watching an interactive, informative and hands on show about some of our Australian wildlife (turtles, snake, owl, sugar glider, lizards, possum, and baby crocodile) a jumping castle and slide and eating a giant snake made of cupcakes!

Happy Birthday Penny and thanks for the great party.


  1. Can you help me, how did you do the cupcake snake, want to do this for my son birthday

    1. Hi, I didn't make the cake but it looks like they are small cupcakes iced and stacked on their side (with more of a gradual angle towards the head and tail) more icing on top then chocolate buttons. Hope that helps.


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