BBQ Lunch

We had a lovely BBQ on the weekend with some GIANT New York Steaks and lots of salads and a cake of course.
I always like to test out new recipes. This one I have wanted to try for a while...
 It is a raspberry/white chocolate mousse cake. It is a Womans Weekly recipe and has three layers on the inside (but is very simple to make). 
There are two layers of almond cake.I made it gluten free by using GF flour with the almond meal for the cake. One middle layer of mousse, which I made using frozen raspberries. The top really needs fresh berries (luckily they were on special!). It has a cream and raspberry syrup covering.
Verdict- very nice and you could do it in a choc version for a special occasion.
This is a broadbean and baby beet salad with a lemon/dijon dressing.
I had never had broad beans before and they are very nice. I used frozen beans which I cooked and peeled.
 This is always yummy...rocket, crispy salami, egg,grilled asparagus,parmesan toast.
The next salad doesn't look that pretty, but always impresses. 
Sweet potatoes par boiled whole then baked, cooled and dressed with soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce and coriander, yum yum.

 Slow roasted tomatoes with bocconcini and basil.
 J and H set the table. Their design included a centrepiece of a T tower made from Lego.


  1. Oh, yum! That cake! Those salads! Please, please will you move in next door? Everything you make looks absolutely delicious... Definitely not the average BBQ foods I am used to!


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