Diary of a First year Homeschool Mum-Day 1

The first day back at school for many in QLD and we were happily laying in bed, reading books about marine life and making up stories. So nice!
No rushing to get lunch made, get dressed and race out the door by 8am to drive in traffic to school!

It really struck me this morning as we chatted about Blue Marlins reaching a length the width of our bedroom, that we have been missing out on quality time and learning opportunities together in the past two years J has been at school.
This year we will be doing Christian Distance Education through Australian Christian College, but until some of our work arrives I am picking a few topics that we have haven't looked at before and casually filling in the days.
I didn't plan on studying marine life today, however J brought this particular book in to read and started telling H all about different whales, reefs, bait balls etc, etc. Because we weren't in a hurry to go to school, we could just sit and discuss and read something that was of interest to J. We did this for about an hour! 1 hour of quality learning time.
Today we also discussed family trees, H noticed the Australian coins have a Queen on them and we discussed why, this discussion progressed into the value of money over time (Nanny would be able to go to the movies 5 times with $1, but now it takes $10 to go one time).The boys also talked to Nanny about her family tree and where the names originated from. 
Later on J read some more information on oceans and found some words to write in his dictionary.
At the shopping centre we practised different types of greetings to those people we met at various shops. In the fruit shop J purchased avocados worth $4 handing over a ten dollar note and working out his change.
We had time for piano practise, Kumon maths book, Lego, Uno games, swimming and free play.
When I look at what we do during the day now, it is full but way more relaxed and value added in a multitude of ways.


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