Fantastic WOW Day of Art

Today we spent most of the day in Brisbane at the Gallery of Modern Art and State Library of QLD (we needed two days!).
There were so so many great activities (FOR FREE) on that we couldn't do everything, but here are some of the fantastic things on offer these school holidays.
The most impressive (and most fun) was this Lego exhibit by Olafur Eliasson...
 All white Lego! Looked a little like a Pompeii Lego city.
We got building quick.
 I really wanted to make the round circle.
 J with his tall building (the tallest actually, well for a while at least).
This is how much Lego there was.
Next was the wishing ribbons by Rivane Neuenschwander I Wish your Wish.
 A wall covered in ribbons which each have a wish on them.
 You pick a wish and replace it with one you write on paper and slot in the hole.
J wished to see Dinosaurs and we did later that day at the Museum.
Next we saw this giant indoor Jetsons like slide, which J wanted to go on, but the queue was a little too long.
Dad starting thinking how good it would to have one of these in the next house...hmmm it would get the boys to bring the dirty washing down faster. Love it!
This is another one J wanted to do, but the line was again too long. A room full of balloons, how delightful.
This exhibition by Rirkrit Tiravanija Untitled (time sausage) an interesting idea also, where you share a family story or history, photo etc on paper, then at the end of the week the paper gets made into sausages.

 This fantastic tree is part of Fiona Halls' Fly away home. I absolutely adore the tree.

 We made birds and nests out of bird paper money and read about migratory patterns.

We still need to name this bird.
And this Leandro Erlich’s astounding trompe l’oeil sculpture, Swimming pool...
 You can experience being inside a swimming pool looking up, without getting wet.
Below is a picture of J making art on transfer paper over a short clip from The Wizard of Oz. By Pierre Bismuth called Follow me.
Then we walked through a small gallery with video cameras on our heads to capture it all as a movie. The idea is to talk about the art, however the boys eyes were all over the place.
After you finish you can email the movie to yourself, great idea by Jana Sterback
Sadly we had to leave the Gallery (we really could have stayed in there all day) to make a show at the Library, but it was well worth it, very funny,interactive and interesting for the boys...
This is all about animation, but the kids don't know someone is controlling this cartoon character behind the scenes until later on, when they get a surprise. Really good.
After that some free play at the library.

There was so much more we didn't fit in, like puppet making, but it was such a great day, perfect activity with all this rain around (wish it would now go far away like WA could use some!).
If you are in town make sure you visit. Sadly the gallery and Library are now closed due to the devastating floods.
The Gallery website has online Kids Games as well.
You can learn more about the exhibitions here
Wow what a post. Luckily I am getting much faster with the snapping of the camera, otherwise I wouldn't have had any pics of this great day out.


  1. Wow! What a day. Looks like you could spend a whole week there. Looks like the boys (and you!) had a lot of fun!

  2. Yes and lucky we did make it yesterday, the car parks were already starting to flood then and now we know why. The gallery has now closed until mid January. I hope all the beautiful artworks will be above water level.

  3. Hello,
    We're a well-recognized brazilian publisher and most of our works are composed of didactic books.
    Our authors would appreciate if they could use some photographs in the book called "Arte de fazer arte – vol. 4 " (In English: Art of making art - vol. 4).
    How should we proceed in order to get an authorization to use some of your work in our book?
    Thank you.

    Carolina Carmini Mariano Lúcio

    1. Hi Carolina, Thanks for your message but I am not sure what photos you would want to use? These photos in this post were taken of our day spent doing activities at the Brisbane Gallery of Modern Art and are for our own private use only. The works of art shown in some photos are by actual working Artists (or organised by them) that I definitely could not give permission for use in any book as you would understand. Although if you contact the Gallery of Modern Art they may be able to put you in contact with some of the artists and they may have some photos they can authorise you to use. Thanks so much.


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