French Canvas Sewing

There is a lovely shop at Peregian Beach (Sunshine Coast) called Otilly and Lewis which sells beautiful Canvas Fabric from France. On the last few visits I managed to pick up some off cuts for a bargain, with the intention to make some pencil cases, so I did exactly that. 

This one has a top flap with button and elastic and holds normal sized pens/pencils. The bird ribbon is from Kikki K.

This one has a leather ribbon and velcro and holds a mini address book and IKEA pencil.

This is a make up bag or pencil case with velcro and cotton ribbon handle.
I made the cards by sticking fabric on brown card.
Can't wait to make some more things, this is lovely fabric to work with.


  1. Absolutely lovely fabrics and even more lovely projects. I heart the color scheme! Cute banner too :)

  2. Just saw your comment over at my blog so I had to comment again - I'm officially launching tomorrow and would love for you to stop by now that we're somewhat blogging buddies. Also, if you're so inclined, I'd love it if you'd follow me. I just added the feature to my site and have a whole 7 followers :). Thanks and I'll be checking back here soon!


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