Fun at Play

Who doesn't like a good detective style hunt, everyone likes hide and seek...
 We spent quite a while with these sheets the other day, playing detectives, having fun and learning at the same time. Nate the Great is one of the new chapter book series we will be picking up from the library this week.
(Print out from Random House website activity pages)

Speaking of fun. If you haven't seen these two Aussie guys before, you have to watch a show because they are great at a particular type of mime and very creative and original. All interactive and funny shows for kids with a sense of humour.
 The Upside Down Show, check it out here.
Is anyone else addicted to Lego and the minifigures?
The boys had their pocket money to spend and we felt all the packets until we found a banana shape and this cute fellow is exactly what we were looking for. The gorilla suit head comes off to show a sweat covered face. Next time we might find the sumo wrestler.


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