Library Finds

On our last trip to the Library I picked up some DVDs...
 This was good, we have done some yoga before, but this was a little more calming, which was the effect I was after. 
We need some exercises that can be done indoors, that don't over excite and interrupt our minds whilst we are studying at home this year. 
It tells (in a soothing manner) stories about animals to help explain different stretches/poses. 
Anything that can help us focus and keep us fit is a good thing.

This is another good one if you like making things. The boys like it and I think it is great that a man is doing crafty things! 
After they saw this dvd the boys were off to make a piece of scrap art...

 One of the Christmas presents to the boys was a Lego sticker book, which you can use to make scenes with.

This is one of the books I found for J who has just turned 7 and I struggle to find age appropriate books for. Many seem way too scary or more suited to teenagers. 
If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them. This chapter book he finished in 1 day, so I need lots of suggestions please.!!!!


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