A Little Poem About Worms

 When I asked J and H this question..."what things or words do you associate with earthworms?"
they came up with all of the above and it works well as a poem, so now we have our first poem in our poetry book. This is an easy way of formulating a poem with children. Brainstorming ideas and words.

J found a worm for H (but we quickly put him back in the soil). We discussed what they eat and how good they are for our soil in the garden. J told us they don't have eyes or ears and they breathe through their skin, although they do have a mouth for eating.
Did you know that here in Australia we have the Giant Gippsland Earthworm, which can reach up to 3m in length. It never comes above ground and you can actually hear them squelching in their holes from above ground! David Attenborough made a doccumentary on them if you are interested.


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