Mediterranean Theme Dinner Tonight

We were so very fortunate to have this Spanish Mackerel given to us, so we asked Nanny and Poppy over for dinner and I quickly searched the net for recipes (I have never cooked this fish before).

I decided on baking the fillets in a sauce of lemon rind and juice, butter and garlic. We normally just grill or tempura fry our snapper and BBQ Salmon, but this fish is a little different and I am so glad we baked it because it was deliciously moist and soooo flavoursome. It was perfect with these salads...

 Orange and radish slices with a dressing(orange blossom water,lemon, olive oil, cumin, paprika,parsley)

 Tabbouleh with the home grown parsley.

 The ever popular Greek Salad.

Tzatziki, hummus, and pita crisps.

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  1. This all looks so delicious Natasha. And I can't believe the size of that fish! What a yummy dinner and great theme.