Paper Mouse

We have this book from the library at the moment and I thought H might like to make this paper mouse from the activity page of the Leo Lionni Random House website, which I got from Margaret (thanks again).

We read the book and they traced the shapes and glued and then added a little something that the mouse was looking at. H wanted swiss cheese and J wanted some framed Art similar to what is in the book, however I didn't notice that he had named the piece of art "Mana". When I asked him what it meant, he said that was what the picture was of! Having a Kiwi as a husband, this word sounded familiar and this is one meaning I found for mana...
In Māori, a tribe that has mana whenua must have demonstrated their authority over a piece of land or territory.
In the Māori culture, there are two essential aspects to a person's mana: mana tangata, authority derived from whakapapa connections, and mana huaanga, defined as "authority derived from having a wealth of resources to gift to others to bind them into reciprocal obligations".
Very interesting title for a painting I thought.


  1. So great to see your boys made the mouse! They look great. Very interesting about Mana too!


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