My First Quilt

It is something that had been put on the "to do" list, up until last week that is.
I needed a little push, so Margaret , from With or Without Nap and I decided it would be a good idea to get together, to inspire each other, give ourselves a little helping hand and some motivation to get started.So we have. 
We got started today and with Margaret's wonderful timetable, we will be finished our creations in  just over a month. This is a night time gig only, so lets hope all goes well.
I originally wanted to use some old clothes of the boys, however they are so small for a single size quilt and the colours are just not working for a bed quilt.
Off to the fabric stash to make use of some stripes in some blues and reds I think Margaret.

Week 1: Designs and fabric 
Size - 200cm x 150cm.Ten rows long each measuring 20cm high with squares and rectangles of varying length in each (to be worked out).
Colour scheme - blue and red stripes and plain neutrals 


  1. I LOVE this! Those colours look great together. I am very impressed, you are so organised for Day 1! I will get my act together and post my design and fabric tonight. This is fun!


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