Our Wednesday

After a quick visit to the doctor for an ear infection (we must use Aqua ear after swimming!) we got stuck in to our learning for the day.
H is doing so well and did his first little test (and did so, so well) and got his first star on the chart too. He is having fun. 
J on the other hand has his ups and downs during the day, but we are working through them and the whole "unschooling" process. 
Our day starts at 8.30 and we finish book work at 12.30 or there about, with lots of refreshment breaks and some reading and games in between. The amount covered during these hours is huge (really). 
It is quite useful (for me) to have a set curriculum, however I do have the freedom to omit and add where I think necessary.
Today H did number work with Playdoh and since we finished the "A" pages, his drawing was of aliens, Big A and little A...

We finished the day off with some Valentines Day Crafts, sewing and button making, stamp making (me) and card making. 


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