Saturday in review

 This is what H decided to do to help him remember the day we had today.
Each letter stands for something we did. He did it all by himself too!
H is for H.......
S for Saturday
C for cookies (jam drops he made)
M for Max who came to play
S for swim in the pool
P for Penny who also came to play
P for play
C for custard cakes that M and P made
J for J.....
M for mums
T for Thomas trains
U for UNO game
E for eating
B for ball (he played with Mustard)
M for Mustard the dog
L for Lego
F for fruit salad
P for pirate ship play
L for lying down
C for  I cant remember!
 Mr Hairy Peary
Mr Happy Appy


  1. H, you have the most fantastic imagination. Just like your Mum. D


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