What if we could jump into a Book Mum!

"I have a great idea mum! What if we could jump into a book!" said H who is nearly 4."What a fantastic idea, what kind of book?" I asked.
H thought for a moment and his face changed when he realised the endless possibilities ( I could see so many great adventures popping up in his head).
We then talked about diving into a round the world flying travel book, a train story, and a Lego Land story, where H would be  Sumo Lego minifigure and J a Mr Fixit Minifigure.
We have been out to lunch this week and J was shocked when he got his 'kids meal'.
"Wow that is as much as Dad eats!"
Enjoy the weekend.


  1. Oh, that look on J's face is hilarious! And what lovely shots of the boys together.

  2. That looks fantastic, I wish I was there to help.


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