Vintage Flight/ Airplane Party

After much, much, much thought and discussion on the topic, it has been decided...we are having a Vintage Flying party for H's 4th birthday, with lots of planes, maps and things that fly. 
The inspiration came from H saying he wanted to be a pilot and that he wished people could fly, but it wasn't a speedy turn of events.
We had lots of different  ideas again, but because we are moving house and leaving QLD we thought we would combine a birthday party with a farewell party and a travel theme seems a perfect fit.
These are the quickly put together invites...

 I scanned the picture above from my 1951 Golden Book Illustrated Dictionary and used Photoshop to adjust the colours slightly.
On the back I made it look like a postcard in Photoshop of course.


  1. That is really cute! I am browsing the internet for ideas for a vintage farewell party and stumbled on your blog.


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