Calico & Ivy Tourist Drive

Today we went for a little "tourist drive" to Claremont, Cottesloe and a peek at Calico and Ivy...
Such lovely fabrics!

Lovely shopping also at The Claremont Quarter (hot chocolate at Koko Black was so hot I couldn't drink it and the boys found theirs way too strong but lovely looking chocolates!) Plenty of little shops here to keep me busy on another day.

Cottesloe beach, although a little chilly was lovely as usual and we stopped off at The Boatshed for some lunch supplies, which actually turned out to be early dinner with friends.

Next "tourist drive" (window shopping day) Subiaco!


  1. This all looks so lovely... especially that little owl and pussycat! I can't believe how many people are in the water at the beach, it's been far too cold in Sydney for that!


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