Coffee and Jalousie

Sunday baking...

No I didn't make this puff pastry, I cheated, it is bought, however this is a lovely and quick sweet to have with coffee and maybe one day before I turn 40 I will attempt to make my own puff pastry. 
I chopped up 4 Granny Smiths, sauteed them in caster sugar and a dollop of cherry, made a frangipane (aww recipe here) with almond meal, spread the puff pastry with raspberry jam, topped with the apples then frangipane and pastry again, brushed with egg white and caster sugar and baked at 180C for 40mins. 
Result - crispy outside and soft and sweet on the inside.
Perfect with the best coffee, 5 Senses of course. 
 Today we went kite flying and bike riding and made tracks..
But the best part of the day for J was fishing, he caught 4 little fish and a dolphin swam within arms reach and flipped a fish out of the water! Yes he loved it, the best dolphin experience ever he said.


  1. first time I've heard of jalousie and it looks absolutely delicous. Do you have a recipe to recommend? tx

  2. It is! I based mine on the Australian Womans Weekly recipe, which I have added the link above. Thanks I should have added it before.

  3. tx! I will give it a try and hope it turns out good! tx again! :)


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