Plum Cake from NZ

This is the first cookbook I purchased when I was 19 and living in NZ. 
It has some great ideas for all sorts of gatherings and all simple and fast to make. This plum cake is from the book, the recipe makes two cakes and you can freeze it for a rainy day. A great book for beginners and I still enjoy going back to it (many, many years down the track!). A good cookbook is one that stands the test of time. 
Annabel Langbein has a website, but I am not sure where you can get this book now.


  1. your pictures always make me hungry. I've been a failure at cake baking so far, except for carrot cake which is too easy.

  2. You make the best cakes, always something different and this one looks delicious!

  3. I love carrot cake! Which reminds me I haven't made one of those for quite a while.
    Thanks gals, lovely comments.
    My cakes are definitely far from perfect I can assure you both, more homestyle baking you could say. The Kitchenaid makes a difference, but I would love to do a class in pastry making or baking one day to learn the proper techniques.


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