Comics, Poetry and Puppets

Developing a story comes easy to some. 
I have always enjoyed making up/telling crazy stories at the dinner table, however don't seem to be able to put my ideas on paper.
I was thinking that it may be the same for younger children, which may put many of them off trying to write their own piece of work. 
Then I decided to try using a comic strip/cartoon format...

The boys and I brainstormed our idea and based on characters from Mo Willems Pigeon books, we came up with the above comic strip ("Don't let the Pigeon eat the cake").
The comic format makes it easy to create a story because you have to break it up into main points I guess.
Comics are used quite often in educational settings and I think we will be using them in the future again. It was fun.

Then H made some drawings of the main characters (Pigeon and the Cake) and we made puppets to tell our story in a different way.

When I suggested to J and H that we should write a poem today, J answered "I can't they are too hard, I can only write sentences".
So that is what we did...

A poem of sentences, an acrostic poem, how easy to start.
I got this printout from The Read, Write, Think website, it has plenty to keep you busy.

H made up one about an octopus,he is getting the idea.


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