Masterchef Lemon Meringue Tart

 When we saw the lovely tarts on Masterchef last Friday night, we decided to try making the Lemon Meringue and were thrilled how they turned out (considering I took some short cuts). 
It doesn't look as nice as the one on TV, but we all loved it.
I can't fault this recipe at all, the pastry is super easy you just need time for resting in the fridge twice, although I didn't do the whole 2 hours. It is very forgiving, light and absolutely yummy. 
The lemon curd is well balanced (just as you would expect from a French Chef) and the Meringue...well it even works well when you add the egg white and the sugar together from the start! Yes in my haste to finish I dumped the two in the KitchenAid and mixed for a good ten minutes (oops!), but it worked hooray and I even used the leftover to make mini pavs, which the kids loved.

I don't make many pastry cases because I have never found a pastry I like and is easy enough to make again, however this one is a winner, great for a variety of sweet tarts.
Definitely worth a try.


  1. oh Yum! These look amazing, I can practically taste them!


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