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I am thinking ahead with the boys for a fun party theme for J's 8th Birthday. Yes it is a way off, but this is the way I work efficiently.
We have been doing some art lately, so perhaps an art theme, or a science theme or something really obscure? We will all brainstorm and then J will ultimately decide on what he thinks will be a blast (maybe space?)
There are so many fun ideas and I recently found this blog by Laurie, which has plenty. 
Laurie shared my ideas from J's Cowboy party on Tip Junkie, thanks Laurie...great Blog!
Craft DIY Ideas


  1. My eldest son is turning 9 soon and we're brainstorming ideas too. He loves science and we have been doing lots of experiments with baking soda and vinegar - making hokey pokey (Edmonds cookbook), foaming volcanoes, blasting rockets, etc. He has also made slime. I made him a t-shirt with a picture of Einstin with the caption 'I'm a genius'. He has also joined a science class at school and comes home with wonderful worksheets that he's filled in along with completed experiments. If you're doing a science party you could issue everyone with a lab coat, goggles and a clip board for results. They could take home hokey pokey that they made. The other thing my son loves is Horrible Histories (by Terry Deary). My son has made recipes from the books- Stuart gingerbread, tudor caraway knots, etc. He has also made a suit of armour from tin cans. You could get the boys to decorate a shield with their own made-up coat of arms (something that represents them). Tudor type food is easy - chicken drum sticks, mini apple pies, ribs. Other ideas for history games: history trivia quizz (the Horrible History books have these and they are great), bow and arrows, jousting. All the best for your party ideas. Whatever you do will be great.

  2. Sorry, I've just checked out the 'tip junkie' and I realise that all my science party ideas have already been done (and extremely well). There are so many wonderfully creative people out there.

  3. thanks these are great ideas, i will let j know.


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