Pizza Perfect- Our Version of Course

We love home made pizza dough.
This time we tried a new product from Laucke flour and we found it easy to use and loved the taste.
For a quick version of home made pizza:
Use one packet of the mix if you like the thin style base (it make two huge rectangle or 4 medium round) and will feed a family of four easily.
Use a jar of organic italian or your favaurite tasty tomato sauce for the base.
Grated parmesan.
Baby bocconcini.
Fried thin strips of bacon, sprinkled on some caster sugar and let caramelise, then drained away all the fat.
Fresh basil
Cook on high heat in the oven (or wood fired oven) till the base is cooked, which will depend on your oven.
Sometimes we add Proscuittto or zucchini, but it is all about good basic flavour.



  1. comment disappeared. I was just saying I love your blog for its recipe recommendations, the photos that make me feel so hungry and the interesting activities you're always up to. :) Have never made pizza in my life, but I will have to give it a try.Will just chopped/blended tomatoes do as base?

  2. Thankyou once again. I have made this blog for our reference in later years, but if someone else enjoys it, well that is a bonus!
    Yes you most certainly can make fresh tom base (we do that when we have a little more time and have lovely toms). You could reduce them with some garlic and basil and tomato paste in a pan as well, but if you have tasty home grown toms you don't need much else at all.

  3. thanks! we don't have home grown tomatoes, unfortunately..will have to go buy some, or perhaps just use the canned ones.

  4. Canned ones are lovely.
    Another beautiful combination for pizza topping is caramelised onion jam on the base with tandoori chicken, baby roma toms put in the oven then add yoghurt and rocket to the top after it comes out. yum.


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