Beach Science

 It was a lovely warm (windless) sunny Perth morning, so I thought we should head to the beach to do a little science and walk along the the beach.
In such a short period of time we found many different specimens and noticed the power of the waves. 
There weren't many "whole" shells today and some seaweed had been washed in, so it was a good opportunity to talk about the massive power of the ocean. We counted the sets of waves and thought about hydroelectric power (when we got home we watched the BBC video of Talbot Bay in North West WA where the tidal power is amazing!)

 I spotted this vibrant purple shell and wondered what kind of animal would inhabit this beautiful home.
We also found some shells that looked like fingernails and hypothesised that there must be some of the same compounds found in both. 

 J was happy to find this fellow and this...
 But most of the time we ran from the waves...

Ahhhh what a little sun and salt air can do.


  1. love this post Mocha! how wonderful to do science by the beach! :) and that is a very beautiful shell..that bluish one.


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