Macarons - Take 5

I will get these day.
Each time I try to make these I get to know them better, what they like and don't like, but this time I am happy with the recipe at least, which is from Call me Cupcake.
 These could have done with a few tiny minutes more and I need to get the piping right and not over mix the meringue.
But they did taste nice with the chocolate ganache (even though you should let them sit filled for 24 hours).
 Chocolate ganache:
100g dark chocolate (I used Margaret River Chocolate bits this time)
100g double cream
250g unsalted butter
Mix cream and chocolate in bowl over simmering water until smooth then add butter slowly. Cool then use.

Baking has become a bit of a hobby, not unlike art and sewing, I find it relaxing and challenging, but mostly rewarding, especially when the results can be shared with special friends. 


  1. Everything you make looks so yummy! These would not have lasted 5 minutes in our house...


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