My Favourite Cupcake Recipe

Thanks to this beautiful blog Call me Cupcake (Swedish I think), I have found a wonderful cupcake recipe and even yummier buttercream icing...

 I used the recipe exactly except I added lemon zest to the mix before adding the dry ingredients.
This is the first time I have made this type of buttercream and it is definitely for special days only, it has a luxurious meringue and quite a bit of butter, but as soon as we tasted it...

 we all loved it!!!
Especially nice with 5 Senses fresh coffee we picked up from our special friends this morning, I wish we could have shared some of these cakes with you guys!!
 We heart coffee.
Must try these cakes, they are fantastic, light and airy. I am not sure why I have piped bubbles in my buttercream, but it tastes good even if they don't look perfect.
Spend the extra time beating properly and you will be rewarded.
Happy baking.


  1. ooohhhh...fattening!!..and I found the photos of your boys licking the cream off humorous!! haha..:)

  2. looks super yummy ! you've got happy news here


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