Science - Biology and Botany

 Today we did some revision of Biology basics.
Using this useful model (which I got many years ago from Toys R Us I think) we looked at organs and what some of them do. I always use a real life model as well and physical actions/experiments (ie "feel your heart pumping/breathe in deeply and feel your diaphram")

This is how we got started...
Heart - we talked about pumping blood to the body and back again, the two parts and why the veins look blue and what happens if the tubes carrying blood get blocked from unhealthy living!
Lungs/diaphram - how this system works when we breathe in and out.
Liver - The amazing liver can regrow!
Urinary system - where the urine comes from and where the kidneys are.
Digestive system - Food goes in and travels along the line to the other end. I did a simple experiment to show how the digestion process begins in the mouth (see below).

Colour in sheets are used to cement what they have learned...

 Experiment to show how digestion begins in the mouth -
Get some food like a small spud and chop half and put into a clear container with lid, grate the other half and put in a separate container.
Explain that the first container shows food swallowed without being chewed.
The grated spud shows chewed food.
Now add water and shake (this is what is happening in the stomach and mouth).
Explain that saliva and other juices in stomach start digesting food and it is much easier to digest food that is chewed well! Much easier for our bodies and better absorption equals healthier us.

Science is fun! We not only talked about those specific organs above but I was asked questions about muscles and testicles too!
Botany - sowing seeds!
H is sowing a seed.
Not sure what it is, we thinks a pea?
A seed needs good soil, water and sunlight to grow didn't you know.


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