Thursday Art - Clay Sculpture

I did this many years ago in high school, but I think we used paper to fill the wire frame, oh well it may not be the right technique but I thought it would be fun to try some clay sculpting with the boys, so this is what we did...
"Anonymous wave" by T
First I made some wire frames out of 1mm wire, best to use something that won't rust and it must be strong enough to hold the clay, so if you want a chunky sculpture use thicker wire!
I shaped the frame before we started, but the wire can be bent by the kids into the shape they want. I actually wanted to do a boy holding a kite, perhaps next time.
I wrapped the wire with Aluminium foil and then stapled each one onto some wood as a base. This makes it much, much easier for the kids to work with and will stay standing when we are finished.
As an introduction we made a quick sketch of our figure on paper, then using Das white clay (air dry) we started sculpting clay onto the head and working our way down finished with the feet. 
After some smoothing out and the adding of some facial features and a 'marshmallow on a stick', we left them to dry.
                  " Artist Monkey toasting a marshmallow" by J
"Artist Piggy kicking ball" by H
These are not perfectly smooth, we didn't spend alot of time perfecting the figures because the boys are only 7 and 4, however they managed to create something wonderful with their own hands, very different to play dough and worth doing again.
 When these dry we will paint them too.
After the sculpting we looked at some utube videos about Michelangelo's David and Roman and Greek statues inside the Louvre.


  1. what a lovely idea Mocha!! again your ideas are inspiring!! I've got to try this.
    Love your post on digestion too. We did a similar thing last year..but I like your idea of actually blending food to show what it's like.
    As for watercolour it's wonderful. I'd recommend getting good paper from the start and good brushes so your boy can actually feel what it'slike to feel the strokes, and what water does to the colour and how the paper affects the texture and flow. :)

  2. Thanks so much for your tips on watercolour, I have just got the right paper and brushes, so will try soon. Any tips are much appreciated, your work is lovely!

  3. wow, have fun! watercolour is a lot about patience. haha.. When I started my children..I just sprayed the paper and let them try "wet on wet" to see how colours blend as the water flows..and how some colours merge to form lovely spots and how some colour just don't blend and form murky colours. Then we tried wet on see the translucent quality of some colours. lots of tutorials online. have fun! :)


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