Tourist Drive -Busselton and Donnybrook

After a stormy day yesterday we were lucky to have a fine saturday, so off we went, first stop Busselton Jetty...

 Last time we were here it was all wooden and a bit worn you could say, which is understandable considering it is 145 years old. Now it has had a reno and we could walk to the end 1.8km and back again. If you don't want to walk you can always take the train...

 J was hopeful that he would spot a whale.

 After the walk we stopped in for some lunch at a very well situated cafe. Right on the beach, overlooking the jetty, it is a great spot on a sunny day. The last time we stopped here (6 years ago) we weren't that impressed with the meal we had, however it was very nice today. The boys had beautiful fresh snapper and we had a tasting plate with venison chorizo, duck and orange pate, a terrine, home made pickled vegetables and freshly baked bread.

 The photo doesn't do the meal justice!

 After Busselton we stopped in at Donnybrook, well know for apples.
We saw a cider and orchard sign so followed it of course.
No apples to pick, but animals to see and apple and ginger cider to take home (haven't tried it yet!)

 This orchard is actually built on an old Gold mine site. Yes back in the 19th/20th century Donnybrook had a gold rush and this is the rebuilt Poppet Head over the old mine...

Finally we stopped at the biggest free outdoor playground I have ever seen, the biggest in the country I think, really, really good variety of equipment.
There are some cute little shops in Donnybrook if you like antiques too.

Quite a pleasant day in the South West.


  1. What a beautiful day! Lots to see and do and lunch looked very yummy. I love the shots of the jetty and that playground looks really fantastic. And the boys have grown - They both look so tall!


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