Tourist Drive - Swan Valley

First stop Guildford to pick up a map at the Visitors Centre which is located in the Historic Court House. Next door you can check out a little history as well.

 The old Gaol and cottage complete with out house.

 There are many wineries, however we didn't stop at any this time.
 We did stop at the chocolate factory...

 and the alpaca farm, don't they look cuddly!
 The farm dog was cute too.
 Then we drove to Bells rapids where there are lots of walking tracks and plenty of people kayaking on the white water. A good place for a snack.

 We went to visit the House of Honey where the lady was very helpful at explaining what the bees where doing. We saw a dead bee getting rushed out by the other bees and some were cleaning each other.

Great sign!

There are plenty of things to do in the Swan Valley, we managed to fit in an Art gallery and Nougat factory, but there are lots of free things, art, history and lovely walks (we will save the wineries for Margaret River!)


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